"Imagine facing FIVE YEARS of litigation, at a cost of $35,000 or much more, at the end of which you turn over control of your fate to a judge or jury.  


NOW imagine replacing that with a one day Mediation, costing a literal fraction, and having complete control over the outcome.  THAT'S MEDIATION.  There really is no comparison -- that's why I do what I do."

                                 -- Tom Ford, Certified Mediator

About Your Mediator

TOM FORD, Certified Mediator


Tom is certified by the American Arbitration Association and the United States District

Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, as having the skills required of a successful

trained Mediator.  He has completed over 100 hours of basic and advanced Mediation

Skills training by internationally-recognized industry training organizations.


Tom is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution

Committee, the Pennsylvania Council of Mediators, achieved Senior Mediator status with

Mediate.com, and is a member of the Certified Mediator Panels for the Pennsylvania

Association of Realtors and the United States District Court for the Middle District of



He began his mediation career while still a first-year law student when he was selected by the Cleveland City Prosecutor's Office to take part in a pilot program for the mediation of court-assigned disputes.  As part of that program, Tom was provided with 40-hours of advanced training in mediation skills and successfully mediated hundreds of assigned conflicts before being selected to serve as a Law Clerk to a Circuit Court Judge on the United States Court of Appeals.


Following his service in the Federal Courts, Tom began a career as a Business Attorney and Litigator in the New York City office of Kaye Scholer, LLP, a world-renowned international law firm.  Tom was an attorney in that Firm's Litigation/Antitrust Department until he returned to Northeast Pennsylvania in the 1990s where he helped form Smithford Business Lawyers, a regional business law firm serving small and family-owned businesses throughout the region from their offices in Wilkes-Barre and Stroudsburg.


As an attorney in private practice in New York City and Pennsylvania, Tom continued to be involved in the Mediation of corporate and business disputes. In 2013, Tom founded PA RESOLVE Mediation Services and shifted his focus to primarily providing service as a neutral mediator. While he is able to provide mediation services outside his area, and will do so in the appropriate circumstances, his primary service areas are the counties of Northeast Pennsylvania, North New Jersey, and the Southern Tier of New York.


In addition to his legal and mediation career, Tom has been involved as a manager or owner of several diverse businesses, including a Poconos resort, a newspaper, and a restaurant.  




Tom Ford, Certified Mediator, Mediation, Northeast Pennsylvania