"Litigation costs are measured in more than dollars -- and it always costs alot of those!


Litigation also costs in time, distraction from business or personal affairs, and most of all, stress and worry.


Mediation usually takes less than a day, usually resolves, and always reduces ALL of the costs of Litigation.  THAT'S MEDIATION.  There really is no comparison -- that's why I do what I do."   -- Tom Ford, Certified Mediator


Mediation Services


Standard Mediation Fee Structure


PA RESOLVE charges each party $90 an hour for all Mediation Services.  


There is a four-hour ($360) minimum due from each party to reserve services.  Additional deposits may be required in matters of special complexity or expected duration of longer than a single day.  The minimum fee is fully-refundable if the mediation date is cancelled at least two weeks in advance.  In that case, the balance of the deposit will be refunded within one week of the cancellation. 


In addition to the hourly Mediation Fee, the participants will divide the costs of any meals or charges to rent space for the mediation. Mediations conducted at the PA RESOLVE offices do not incur a room fee.  Room Fee deposits will be due two weeks prior to the Mediation.


No fees are incurred for the first 90 minutes of total round-trip travel time from the Mount Pocono offices of PA RESOLVE.  Beyond that, travel time is billed as part of the usual fee for Mediation Services.



Employment/Consumer Cases


In Employer/Employee Disputes, or in Business/Consumer disputes, where the Business or Employer customarily pays the entire fee, PA RESOLVE reduces its rates to facilitate.   The Employer or Business submits a minimum $450 fee providing on-site mediation of up to four hours per dispute, and $125 an hour thereafter.     


We are available to help work through the potential litigation claims -- non-compete, discrimination, harassment, warranty, and product defect claims.  But where businesses really can benefit is with pre-emptive mediations -- especially in the workplace where there are personality or other conflicts among current workers, or between workers and supervisors.  


The average employee spends 3-hours a week dealing with workplace conflict -- businesses with 50 employees lose productivity equivalent to more than one full-time employee a year just due to internal conflict.  Mediation of workplace disagreements can help defuse the underlying problems, promote a healthier and more pleasant workplace, and prevent the escalation of situations which often lead to employees leaving, voluntarily or otherwise, and then bringing claims against the employer.  And, by reducing conflicts in the work environment, businesses can resduce lost productivity and strengthen their bottom lines.



Construction & Trades


Contractors and skilled trades business owners know -- bringing collection cases is expensive, and time consuming.  We understand that, too.  We offer Construction & Trades mediation as an affordable alternative to costly litigation.  If you're in the trades, give us a call (570-762-2163) to learn how we can help you collect more of your receivables and keep more of what you collect.


Sign up for mediation with us and we'll provide you with a free, enforceable "mediation clause" to add to your contracts, agreements, or proposals.  Mediation is the single most effective and successful alternative dispute resolution mechanism for construction and trades claims -- industry wide, more than 8 out of 10 construction conflicts resolve through mediation.  The contract language we provide (subject to review by your counsel, of course), will require owners or other responsible parties to make a good faith effort to resolve your conflict before you go to court.  Almost every time, you will avoid court through mediation.


If you are dealing with consumers, you will be paying for the cost of mediation, in commercial and sub/general contract situations, the parties will be sharing the costs of mediation.  For consumer cases, members of our program (there is no cost to join) pay reduced mediation rates of up to 50% on a sliding scale based on the amount in dispute.  We will charge an initial fee for up to 5 hours of mediation services and a reduced hourly rate thereafter.  The initial fee for claims up to $25,000 is $500 and $90/hr after the first five hours; $750 up to $50,000, and $90/hr thereafter.  Up to $75,000 it is $900 and $120/hr after five hours.