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"Our trial system is


Too costly 

Too painful 

Too destructive 

Too inefficient


  for a truly civilized people."


Chief Justice Warren E. Burger     

United States Supreme Court     

"The State of Justice" (1984)        

Mediation is 


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           Efficient Most Resolve in a Day

           Effective 85% Success Rate

           Private  AND Confidential!


Mediation is the civilized alternative to our trial system. Unlike litigation or arbitration, YOU control the result! 


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Certified Mediator, Mediator, Mediation, Alternative Dispute resolution

My job is to help resolve conflicts. I help people -- families, neighbors, businesses, and organizations -- work through disputes to achieve a solution on which everyone agrees. 


These disputes can be over most anything--money, business dealings or relationships, consumer claims, employment issues, property disputes or damage, personal injury, or any sort of disagreement.  


As a neutral, I am trained and experienced in guiding the discussion in a productive way.  As an attorney, when you resolve the dispute, I can help the participants prepare an enforceable written agreement covering all the settled issues.  


If you have disagreements that you’d like to work through, I can help.